Palestine Cinema Days is an annual event organized by Filmlab: Palestine every October. It aims at placing Palestine on the map of the International film industry and movie landscape, in addition to promoting local and international films across several venues in different cities within Palestine.
Filmlab: Palestine launched the first edition of Palestine Cinema Days (previously called Days of Cinema) 2014, which has been an annual tradition since then. The festival activities are dedicated to a unique program of renowned international film screenings for adults and children, along with panel discussions, professional film workshops, specialized programs for children, and networking opportunities.
In 2016, Filmlab: Palestine created the Sunbird Awards, a competition for short films, feature-length documentary films, and short film projects with a strong reference to Palestine.
This draft is a complete representation in an isometric style of how seats, which are normally in a row or grid, must experience social distance as we are. This draft can be examined and further studied by adding more objects that represent an unusual natural setting away from the rigid architecture in which we normally view films. This isometric style is perfect for creating a design space and visual perspective where many variations of the design can be produced. We can simply design a lot of variations by zooming in or enlarging certain parts of the seat or screen that will be used to show the film outdoors.
As a result of the pandemic, our idea of social distancing has been absolutely demolished. Distance from each other is now becoming a practice and a way of life. This concept has a significant impact on the functionality of the dark and structural seats of the cinema attendee. Owing to local limits, the movies should be taken outdoors. The cinema seat can be put outside as a symbol of the liberation of the cinema from the interior of the architectural building.